Scootasaurus Tremendouson

I've been working with Mai for a few months now. Mai is a great trainer with a fantastic personality and a good sense of humor. I am stronger, fitter and happier than I have been in a long time. She works on technique before strength and as a result my back is better, my posture improving and my enjoyment of the gym is just going through the roof.I cannot stress how good an experience I've had. I highly recommend you have a talk to her and see what she can do for you.

Fanny Pujol
:New Caledonia

When we want to reach some objectives in fitness/sport such as being healthier, getting in shape and seeing how far you can push your limit, you need some help as it might be really easy to give up. And well honestly, I started having Mai as a PT in 2015, she is really dedicated to her clients, listens and work on your goals. I got the results I wanted and soon gonna start again for different objectives this year and I just can't wait to start!

Paul Thurston

I have known Mai and had her as a personal trainer for some years now. Mai is very passionate about her training and takes special care of her clients. Mai will no doubt be a very successful personal trainer and her business will flourish.